Using a Nokia Phone in London
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UK Mefi'ers: I'll be visiting relatives in London next month, and have managed to unlock my Nokia phone so I can use it while overseas, and need help understanding the local market[MI]

Can anyone suggest the best pay-as-you go plan (or prepaid SIM card package)? I've checked the various providers, and also but I can't figure out what would be best for my situation.

I'll be in London for about 2 weeks this time, will need the phone mostly for touching base with my relatives during the day and possibly some calls to Museums, Theatres etc.. I'll probably be returning to London several times over the next couple of years as well.

Any suggestions?
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You can drop into nearly any high street mobile phone shop and pick up a pay as you talk card. Alternately you can get them at nearly any off-license (convenience store-type place). Best one? Gosh, it's tough to say . . . Vodaphone and T-Mobile would likely be your best bets. The cards themselves cost about £15 and come with ~£5 calling credit, then you can top up online or over the phone. Easy peasy!
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I think O2 do some very good sim-card only deals - the Carphone Warhouse is good for that sort of thing, just go to a store when you get to London (there's loads of them) and they'll advise you.
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another vote for 02, they're good for pre paid sim card action. we use one as a band and it works well.
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I've had very good experiences with Virgin Mobile. Easily updated online and by phone - pick up the SIM card in any Virgin music shop.
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O2 has the cheapest simcard-only offers. While the other are all around 10 pounds for just the card, O2 has them for 99p and they'll post them for free to a UK address. I keep a bunch of them at home and give them out to visiting friends.
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