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I've been assigned to develop a plan to convert everything on my unsupported Novell 3.12 server to a shiny new Windows box. Is there any way to get SYSCON to spit out a list of users in a particular group? I don't want to have to transcribe all this crap by hand (one of the groups in question has 300+ users).

Same question for a list of userids and fullnames associated with them. I just need a text file of the data.
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You can't use the migration tool to import the users and groups?
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Response by poster: Which migration tool? Assume that I know nothing about Novell.

[why am I the novell administrator then, you ask? because I'm just lucky like that]
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Sorry, I misled you. Windows NT 4 Server had a migration tool that would import users and groups from a NetWare server to a Windows server. I made a huge assumption that the utility was available on 2k and 2k3 server, which it is not. I cannot find any free utilities to do this.
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there was a proprietary tool that worked (sort of half assed) migrating from novell 3x to win2k, if i find it i'll post back here, i won't find it today though.
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