Kink in the neck. Pain in the neck.
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Neck kinks: What are they? How can I get rid of them?

So, I woke up this morning unable to move my neck as far to the left as I usually can, which tells me I must have been sleeping in an awkward position all night. So now I have a kink in my neck, and it's very irritating. What's the quickest way to get rid of it? What exactly are they anyway? I can only guess that it's a knott (a term I'm unsure about as is) in my muscles, but I'm only presuming that. Any help, Hive Mind?
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muscle spasm. you might try applying heat to relax it and take ibuprofen for the pain. applying firm, direct pressure for 30 seconds or more at a time can help too.
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Oh I feel your pain! I've been dealing with neck muscle spasms for the past month, and industrial strength pain meds (percocet) plus some muscle relaxant aren't enough to dull the pain! I'll be following this thread closely to see what other suggestions besides chopping my head that people come up with.
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Heat, basically, and then try to sleep it off. Might take a few days if it's particularly bad. You can heat it with something like icy-hot or tiger balm, and take hot showers. Sorry, if the muscle spasm lasts for a month, then it's some next-level shit beyond my expertise.
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I just had one this morning. Took a really hot shower and let the water spray right at the neck. It's still there but I can barely notice it unless I think about it.
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Chiropractic is your friend.
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In order of application:
Heat, ibuprofen, massage by you, massage by pro. If this happens regularly, try chiro if you're so inclined.
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Chiropractic caused me permanent neck DAMAGE, and is not my friend.

My chronic neck pain and stiffness is dealt with using Aleve, heat, massage, a contoured pillow and basically suffering through. Good luck.
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nthing the heat. if it's especially severe a massage or accupressure will also help.
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Contoured pillow is good. Also, consider getting a neck support collar at your drugstore (inexpensive, adjustable velcro-fastened). The added support gives you a bit of relief to get through your normal activities.
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It is probably TMS - Tension Myositis Syndrome.

Knowledge and understanding of this syndrome "cured" my severe sciatica, leg numbness, severe back and neck pains- permanently.
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No one ever wants to hear it's psychosomatic, I know. But I have discovered that that fact alone speaks volumes.
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When you go out, be sure to wear a scarf or turtleneck.
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My chiropractor is a good friend but I don't let him touch my neck anymore.
I usually have to spend a couple minutes every morning stretching my neck. I sometimes do this at other times in the day if I feel like it, but I have be sure I'm warm.

*By the way this is what works for me, don't do it if you doubt it*

I sit down on my knees and throw my right arm across my chest. I then turn my head in the same direction and apply pressure as need. Switch when done.

You could also sit relaxed and pull with right hand over the top of your head to the right side. Switch when done. Doesn't work as well though.

Kinks sometimes you just have to rub really hard to work out. It hurts but it will decrease as you rub it out. Having someone else rub it out works even better, and seeing an actual massuese (a good one) works best.

Relaxtion is key!

I hope some that helps.
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