A dependable movers in metro DC area?
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I am looking for an efficient and dependable movers or load/unload helpers in Northern VA/Metro DC area.

I am a bit worried about getting taken advantage of. I don't have much stuff, a full size bed, a desk, a large chair, and maybe 5 boxes. I don't think I'd be able to load and unload my furniture all by myself. Do you know of any dependable movers? I'd have all my stuff packed and I just need someone to load and unload them. It's better if they bring their own truck but I am guessing it'd be more.

I don't think it'd take more than an hour even with travel time included, but how do you go about making sure it's done in the time frame you want? In addition, what else do I need to be cognizant of?
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The forums at Moving Scam.com are the best place for moving company reviews and recommendations.
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Why not just rent a UHaul and pay a few friends with pizza and beer? It's worked for me on several occasions.
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While I can't offer any recommendations in your area, I hired a couple guys through eMove for unloading help and it worked out great. You can get reviews for each operation and their hourly rate upfront, and they get paid through the eMove site.
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Great experience with Hilldrup movers about a year ago after reading many comments on moving scam.com.
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If you do get movers, keep in mind that many of them have minimum hours (typically 3, in my experience). They sometimes include their travel time, as well. Two things to keep in mind...
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