Finding an employment lawyer in London
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Down to the wire: legal advisor to review UK employment contract

Considering an offer with a funded startup in the UK. There's equity involved. Can you recommend an experienced yet reasonably priced contract/employment lawyer to review my offer/contract? Have Googled around but would prefer to consult with someone who comes recommended. Thanks!
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I've used Bates Wells & Braithwaite for employment related work in the past, and have sent some friends their way.

Good firm, upfront about total cost, realistic and results oriented; the Solicitor I was using for my dispute charged about £350 / hour, however when I referred a colleague they assigned someone costing about half that as her case wasn't at the same level career-wise as mine.

I've used them twice over the past six years, and have been very happy with the costs and results.
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Where are you moving to? I can recommend a local firm to you if you are in the Leeds area but nationally we've done quite a bit of national/international partnership, merger & demerger work through Slaughter & May

You might want to look through this site and see what you can find.

Tax planning is going to be an issue for you within the UK & US. You'll still have to file taxes in the US if you have more than $73K in taxable income earned globally and may have to file state taxes as well. You'll also have UK tax liabilities to consider. Personal tax isn't my thang, but you may want to look for a referral from the folks at Taxationweb.
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