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My Macbook says my AppleScript version is outdated (1.1.0). How can this be? And how can I fix it/download an update? I know that I should at least have something like 1.10, but I'm guessing that it's bug. All roads travelled lead to release notes only.
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Response by poster: [it's a bug] sorry
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What system version are you running? What are you trying to do? What produces this message?

The AppleScript utility is now at version 2.2.
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Response by poster: I'm trying to run split & concat and it won't open. My applescript version is 1.0 and I'm running OS 10.4.11. So there's no way I should be having such an early version of AppleScript.
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The AppleScript Utility is at 1.1 from what I can see, the Script Editor is 2.2. But Applescript 2 is for 10.5, and previous versions should be as described here. I'm not aware of a particularly good way to determine the version of AppleScript itself, but I'd be surprised if you managed to actually have it outdated.
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Response by poster: How I found out is that Split & Concat told me that my Applescript is outdated. Also I took a look at "About This Mac"/System Profiler.

How to update the script is still beyond me though. Do I have to go to an Apple store? The AppleScript website shows nothing about updating.
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Response by poster: AN update: I find the latest downloadable version of AppleScript is 1.8.3 which I do download and attempt to install only to find out that it's impossible because I need at least Mac OS 10.1 or higher to be able to install. I'm running on Mac 10.4.11, there's an anomaly.

I just want to be able to put split files together. Any options aside from Split & Concat might be the better question to ask now.
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Sure, just open Terminal and do:

cat filename1 filename2 filename3 > resultfilename

That'll dump the info from all three files into one.
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I've no idea what this split and concat are that you talk about, so I can't help there, but mikeh's solution is what I'd do.
As for Applescript versions - in System Profiler I have Applescript Runner at 1.0, Utility at 1.1, and the Framework at 2.0 and AppleScriptKit Framework at 1.5. I'm pretty sure these are all up to date as it'd be done within the OS updates (this is 10.5, 10.4 will have earlier versions in some places no doubt).
Whatever split and concat are, I suspect they're very confused, and you're as up to date as you're supposed to be.
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I'm running 10.4.11. If I run the System Profiler app and look at Software:Frameworks, the version of AppleScript is 1.10.7. The AppleScript Utility app is version 1.0 and the Script Editor is version 2.1.1.

It's a bad idea to try to install that older version on 10.4. I've never seen AppleScript messed up this way on OS X. (I suspect third-party software was involved.) An archive and install of 10.4 is the only way you could be sure to have a non-corrupt system.
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Response by poster: I tried mikeh's solution. I'm trying to join together two parts of a .dmg file and it didn't work that way.

Anyway, D.C., it turns out I have 1.10.7 of AppleScript too, and that version I was looking at must've been the utility app, so thanks for clearing that up. As for third-party software, I only remember hard-deleting Adobe VersionCue which is spouting off numerous other problems.

Thanks for the help.
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If this is the program in question, mikeh's line should work as it's exactly what the program is doing under the hood. You may need to take note of this warning however:
In these cases you are adviced to first place the file on a disk image (using Disk Copy, or Toast etc.), then compress the disk image (convert to compressed) and then split the (compressed) disk image file with Split&Concat. If you then concat the split parts of the disk image file, the resulting file will contain an exact copy of the original file.
The compression stage may help with the resource fork issue if split doesn't handle those properly in 10.4 (I can't remember when those sorts of utilities were made resource fork-aware). If there's still problems, I'd double check you're joining the files in the right order.
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On second thoughts, I don't think disk images use forks.
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Response by poster: It turns out, I simply downloaded the wrong version of Split&Concat. Problem solved.

And I also learned how to merge files together using Terminal. So thanks for the help, and I'm sorry for the trouble!
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