Music to make Stations of the Cross by ...
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Music to make Stations of the Cross by ...

I am a RE Teacher in a Catholic High School for boys in London, UK. We have recently finished a small chapel as part of building works in our school.

We are now in the process of furnishing the chapel. We have been donated numerous items from a local convent that was closing down, such as a Tabernacle and an Altar, but we are still in need of a few other things. As part of this process our art department with some of their more talented pupils are designing and making a series of Stations of the Cross out of clay to go along one wall of the chapel.

The initial ideas look really good, however, I was approached by the head of art on Friday and asked if I could give them some music for them to work to, something that would set the mood. Her initial suggestion was something like the hymn "Were you there?"

I have given it a lot of thought over the weekend, but have only come up with 3 hymns/songs:

Were you there?
When I survey the wondrous cross
Amazing Grace

Can the hive mind help me to come up with a few more suggestions? Perhaps something more contemporary as well.
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Would this count as contemporary? The Old Rugged Cross from the "Gridlock" episode of Doctor Who. It is a beautiful arrangement.
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Gavin Bryers - Jesus blood never failed me yet. Here's Tom Wait's version.
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The BBC has a hymn-writing contest each year. I think it would be really cool to open up a similar thing at your school, or perhaps to students at the local Catholic sixth form, if they have a music programme.

If you need it urgently, which I think you do, I would suggest "Bind My Heart This Tide" to the tune of "Union"

I bind my heart this tide
to the Galilean’s side,
to the wounds of Calvary,
to the Christ who died for me.

I bind my soul this day
to the neighbor far away,
and the stranger near at hand,
in this town, and in this land.

I bind my heart in thrall
to the God, the Lord of all,
to the God, the poor one’s friend,
and the Christ whom he did send.

I bind myself to peace,
to make strife and envy cease.
God, knit thou sure the cord
of my thralldom to my Lord!

Lauchlan M. Watt, The Tryst, A Book of the Soul (1907)

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That's exactly what I had in mind. Thanks
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Phil Collins' In the Air Tonight was the standard choice at my RC high school.
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Don't a lot of those songs have a distinctyl Baptist/Evangelical feel? That's what I associate them with...Southern Baptists.
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Antonio Caldara is your man: the CDs of "Maddalena ai piedi di Cristo" conducted by René Jacobs and "La Passione di Gesu Cristo Signor Nostro" are where it's at. Caldara scores are also easily obtained. It's splendid music, it's about the Passion, and it's not been done to, huh, death.
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I still pretty much dig 'The Cross', by Nas. This of course, would make me a terrible Catholic.
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How about Handel's "Messiah"? Or (and this is very beautiful) Bach's "St. Matthew Passion"?
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"Jesus" by Queen, off their first album.

And then I saw Him in the crowd
A lot of people had gathered round Him
The beggers shouted and the lepers called Him
The old man said nothing
He just stared about Him
All going down to see the Lord Jesus
All going down to see the Lord Jesus

Then came a man before His feet he fell
"Unclean!" said the leper and rang his bell
Felt the palm of a hand touch his head
Go now go now you're a new man instead
All going down to see the Lord Jesus
All going down to see the Lord Jesus

It all began with the three wise men
Followed a star took them to Bethelehem
And made it heard throughout the land
Born was the leader of man.
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I'd recommend anything by Palestrina or performed by The Tallis Scholars.
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Are you willing to go with more rock/pop Christian music? (I'm not sure what you mean by "contemporary") If so, I'd suggest:
The Hammer Holds, Bebo Norman
Jesus Paid it All, Fernando Ortega
Oh My God, Jars of Clay
Take My Life, Third Day
Above All, Michael W Smith
Sorrow's Hymn, Sarah Masen

Finally, Without His Cross is a lovely choral song; I've just heard random church choirs sing it, so there's no particular recording I have to point you to. I do have an mp3, though; mefi mail me if you'd like me to pass it along.
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Not contemporary, but very memorable: Allegri's Miserere Mei [MePost]
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If you go here and scroll down to "Martin Wroe - Seven - GUMCD45" you'll find a CD of reflections on the last seven words from the cross, along with instrumental versions. I have a copy somewhere, and it's pretty good.
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