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I want to do a CELTA course in Sydney, Australia this year. Anyone know 'The' place to do it at? I'm willing to wait a while if one provider is considered far superior to another. I've started researching, but I need some insider info so I can decide which Uni/College/Thingy is best for me.
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Posting from an English-language school in Riga, Latvia:

Well, the CELTA is externally assessed/administered by Cambridge, so it's supposed to be consistent by design, and speaking as someone who works with CELTA-ed teachers from all over the place, I haven't seen a difference in hiring practices or teaching strategies based on where someone attained the qualification - to the point that we can all joke about particular assignments or tasks we had to do over the course of the, uh, course, even though we did the CELTA in different years and in different places.

That said, I'd choose (if you're not from Sydney) a place that offers a good combination of a short commute from where you're staying to where you're doing the course and some fun places to go out with your CELTA co-trainees (and students!) after the day's work is over. If you do it full-time (and I recommend you do, as it all just seems to work better that way), it's hectic, but in a convivial, fun way.

Oh, one other thing: I didn't have a laptop/computer access at home when I was doing the course, but I found lesson planning easier by hand anyway, and as the assignments weren't 30,000 words long or something, I still managed to get everything done using the center's computer lab and do quite well.

Feel free to e-mail me with more questions! Teaching English to non-native speakers is working out to be a great career for me and I'm happy to offer some tips!
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The qualification you get is standard, but the quality of the course depends very much on the trainers - there can be a huge variety in terms of quality, organisation, enjoyment, and learning based on who is training you.

I don't know specifics about the sites / trainers in Australia, but you are right to ask this question and well advised to find out as much as you can about the trainers providing the various courses before making your decision.
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Response by poster: Thanks guys, very helpful answers. I'm getting in touch with a girl I used to tutor who went on to do a CELTA course, pick her brains a little.

I'll see if I can dig up some other Syd based graduates of the course who can tell me a little more about their experiences.
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