Will 1/3rd of U.S. health care costs still go for resolution of adverse selection?
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What U.S. presidential candidates have preferable positions on healthcare?

What is really going on here ? In particular, which candidates are secretly going to give all the money to the insurance companies?
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Preferable to whom? One man's universal healthcare is another's nanny state nightmare. This question would better be worded as 'Where can I find a comprehensive analysis of each candidate's stand on healthcare and the insurance industry'.
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The American College of Physicians has benchmarks that it recommends for evaluating a candidate's stance on healthcare, and then presents a breakdown on who stands where. The Kaiser Family Foundation also has a comparison engine. (I found these via Science Friday's recent broadcast on health care policy.)
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ontheissues.org is a great resource for questions like this.
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This is a side-by-side of the candidates' health care proposals.

disclaimer: I work for the place that produced this site, but have no hand in creating the content.
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