Are there any good book review sites?
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Are there sites like Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB for books?
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These aren't quite the same as IMDB, but Bookslut and Goodreads are two I have been investigating.
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I dig Bookslut with a shovel!!!
Plus the New York Times Book Review is archived back to 1997.
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Check out Metacritic Books.
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Not really a "review" site (although it does have reviews), but check out Library Thing.
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This is really nothing like Rotten Tomatoes, but I can usually find what I'm looking for, as well as fresh suggestions, from the comprehensive links list at Arts & Letters Daily (on left side of the page).
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The Complete Review.
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Reviews of Books is just that -- a repository of links to (professional) book reviews. Organized by genre.
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The Internet Book List is pretty useful.
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Fantastic Fiction is not quite what you are looking for but a nice one to have around.
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bookshelves of doom is a blog by a librarian who reviews books for young adults. She also covers a lot of books enjoyed by all age groups.
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