Will a Pentax lens fit a Canon camera?
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I can't seem to find this online anywhere, and it might be such a stupid question that is should be obvious, but I thought I'd ask anyway: Will a new pentax lens (75-300mm) fit on a slightly older Canon Rebel SLR camera?

I received two of the same lens for xmas, and am trying sell one on craig's list, but so far the only buyer is someone who has a Canon Rebel SLR (that's all the info I've got from him so far) and my lens is a Pentax FAJ75mm-300mm lens, as seen in this link from Amazon:


Is there any chance this will fit his camera?
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No, lenses are proprietary across (most) camera manufacturers.
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Canon cameras can mount Nikon, Pentax M42, Leica R lenses, and a few more brands thanks to adapter rings. Just ask a seller of those rings if they have something for your particular lens
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There are adapters for many lens-body combinations. Often these adapters will prevent certain features of the lens or body from working. I think the lens you have has a Pentax K Mount. This thread suggests that certain adapters exist for K mount to Canon EF-S mount (which is what a Digital Rebel has, I think).

You might consider trying to sell on eBay, or at a local camera shop that accepts consignments.
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No, it will not fit, and there is no available adaptor to fit a Pentax KAF2 mount lens (what you have) to a Canon EF body (what he has). It might be theoretically possible, because the Canon sensor-plane to lens flange distance is greater than the Pentax equivalent distance (possibly accomodating the extra room for an adaptor), but I'm unaware of any such product.

Anyhow, adaptors to mount lenses intended for different brands on (D)SLR bodies are always a compromise and involve a significant sacrifice of functionality, such as the loss of automatic exposure metering or auto-focus. It's very much better to use lenses intended for the camera body they're mounted on. Modern cameras exchange a lot of information between lens and camera body and no adaptor can fully accommodate this.
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There are adapters for the pentax mount, but you often lose infinity focus when using them.
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