Help me design a thermostat scale!
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IndustrialDesignFilter: Help me design a thermostat scale!

I'm trying to design a thermostat scale, but can't figure out the transition between the two ends.

One end: spangly purple flannel plaid.

Other end: straight bands of pink, vanilla & blue, in a thin veneer finish.

What should the centre of the scale be? How can I transition between the two ends? All suggestions welcome.
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Maybe the plaid slowly unravels, with the vertical lines twisting/criss-crossing around the middle, transitioning into the bottom colors and ultimately becoming those straight lines?
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Spangly purple plaid, and pink, vanilla and blue stripes? On a thermostat? What's wrong with blue on one end and red on the other?

(Note: Just in case the previous sentences don't make it abundantly clear, I'm not a designer.)
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Divide the two patterns with a diagonal white stripe. Make it as wide as it needs to be to distinctly separate the patterns.

But I'm with box. I don't understand from your descriptions which pattern is warm and which is cold, and they don't sound like the compliment each other. My overall impression is "yikes." Think usability first.
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