Don't need the job for the money, do I need it for the insurance?
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Recently moved to Boston. Can someone please explain the mandatory health insurance situation to me?

I just relocated from out of state with a cushion of savings that gives me the luxury of not having to get a "real" job until after my LSAT in mid-June. I have been interviewing for positions in my field (pharma research) only because I need health insurance and because the extra money would be nice.

If i decide to take a BS part-time job w/ no benefits, or decide not to work for a couple of months what are my obligations/options with the mandatory health insurance system in Massachusetts? Is there decent insurance (equivalent to a PPO) available outside of an employer that is affordable?
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On its most basic level: you need health insurance in MA or you are not able to take your personal exemption on your MA taxes ($4125 if single).

If you are making less than 300% of the federal poverty level, you can get exceptionally discounted health insurance coverage. More information and links to offerings can be found at the Commonwealth Connector.
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MA has a great insurance system. At least compared to most states (cough cough Texas). It should be not too hard for you to get reasonably affordable coverage there.
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