Not a portabello...
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Is this a mushroom?

Just found this here in Italy, and haven't been able to find a match on mushroom sites.

Any experts with an idea? If it's not a mushroom, what is it?

P.S.: my son Jonas (who found it) says: if nobody knows it, then I'll name it after myself!
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It looks a little like mycelium, the vegetative part of the mushroom, usually found underground. But I doubt that's what that is.

I don't think it's a fungus but I'm more familiar with North American types.
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it looked like a grass to me. grasses come in many diverse sizes, shapes and colors. if you dig gently around the base to see what's underneath and there's conventional grass roots, that would seal it, if there's something other than conventional grass roots, then you email pic and description to your old college's botany department.
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this guy knows the name of every fungus known to humankind. if it is a fungus, he'll be able to tell you. and he's on Flickr. or you could post it to a few mushroom groups and see what they say, and then delete the pic if it's a nay.
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Looks to me like this
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My dog's poop used to grow that kind of mold. I personally wouldn't poke around the base of it.
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