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How long will deviled eggs keep in the fridge before they go bad?
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Assuming you're talking about leftover deviled eggs...after sitting-out all afternoon on Aunt Mary's dining table...a day? Maybe. I know I really wouldn't touch them beyond the next day.

If you're talking about fresh-made eggs that went straight to the fridge...Maybe a couple of days? They start drying-out fairly quickly. They may be edible a couple of days on, but they won't be very appealing.

I have no scientific knowledge to base any of that on. It's just my gut feeling. And I love deviled eggs. But there are far too many variables involved in the equation.
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I just made THESE Chipotle Deviled Eggs (and they are delicious). The recipe recommends that they chill for up to one day. I imagine the use of mayo gives them a short shelf life, especially if they've been sitting out at room temperature.
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I know anecdotal evidence is not data. That said: my mother would often make one or two dozen deviled eggs, and they would get eaten slowly over the course of a week or so. I'm sure that many, many times I've eaten week-old deviled eggs and been just fine and honestly, not thought twice about it.
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When I worked in food service, we weren't allowed to keep hard boiled eggs more than one night per our inspector's directive.
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Depends on two things.

First, how cold the fridge is. It needs as close to, but above, 32 deg F as possible. The warmer the fridge, the shorter the safe storage time.

Second, how long the eggs have been in the "temperature danger zone" of 40 deg to 140 deg F. Four hours is the limit for professional food service. After four hours, if something was contaminated the bacteria would have had enough time and temperature to cause trouble. This time is additive, it does not reset. One hour in preparation, three hours on the table for example.

If your fridge is over 40 degrees, it's a science experiment, not a cooler.

The reason Mayo is dangerous is, ironically to this question, because it has raw eggs in it.

On the other hand, up until quite recently, uncracked eggs were considered sterile and OK to store at room temperature.

Finally, the real answer is that in most cases, your deviled eggs will smell or taste "off" when it's time to get rid of them.
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Commercial Mayo shouldn't be anything to really worry about these days, it's shelf-stabilized, and made with pasteurized eggs - After all, it's sold on shelves, not in the cooler. Homemade mayo with raw yolks is more of an issue, but the jar of Hellmann's isn't going to bring you down after sitting out for a couple of hours.
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As for the eggs themselves, if it still smells good, eat it.
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Well. This was an askme question wasted. I deviled two dozen eggs, and within an hour, they were all scarfed down.
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