How do I script video/audio recording on Windows?
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What is the best way to script video/audio recording on Windows?

Part of a research project I'm working on involves recording video and audio of subjects using a USB video camera attached to a Windows machine. I would like to set up two scripts: one that begins recording, saving the audio and video to a file that Windows Media Player could later play back, and one that stops the recording. The idea is that the researcher conducting the experiment could simply run the first script when the subject begins and then run the second when she/he is finished.

What is the best way to go about this? I've looked at the wmcmd.vbs file included with the Windows Media Encoder, but it doesn't seem to have exactly the properties I'm looking for—it requires a duration parameter for live video, and doesn't seem to provide any way to stop recording before that time is up.

Any ideas are welcome, including ones that involve commercial software.
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vlc or Media Player Classic have command line options and should be able to capture from webcams to usable file formats. Or use the software that came with the cameras.
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