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Where can I find Scotch Bonnet peppers (not habaneros) to buy in the Puget Sound area; or alternatively online? Preferably fresh and not dried. Thanks.
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I've had pepper sauce (west indian style) made from both habs and scotch bonnet and could never tell the difference, and in a pinch a caribbean cook will use habs without a second thought. That said, you should look for a west indian market (assuming you have those); if you don't know where to start go to a west indian resto (that's Jamaican, Trini, Bajan, etc) and ask them where they source theirs from.
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I've gotten fresh Scotch Bonnets from PCC and Madison Market.
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Jamjam, I called the PCCs in Kirkland, Redmond and Issaquah and none had any. Can you please tell me which branch you went to?

Enthnomethodologist, I can tell the difference between the two - the scotch bonnet isn't as fiery hot and is more flavorful (a nuttier/fruitier taste) than the habaneros. It makes a difference when you're making pickled peppers.
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Have you tried Central Market in Shoreline? I have a memory of seeing them there, but could be wrong.
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I'm afraid they may be out of season, ramix. I remember seeing them in late Fall, and the brief search I just did yielded very few citations for dates of availability: two saying through October and one saying through mid-November. In my experience, they go bad surprisingly fast in the refrigerator. My mate is going to the University District Farmer's Market tomorrow. When she gets home around 11:00, I'll ask her if she saw any there last week, and if the answer is yes, Ill let you know tonight. If she sees any tomorrow, I'll post that tomorrow night, but I'm not holding out any great hope.
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So, um, how many are you looking for? I've got a bush of them that just won't stop pumping (looks like it might overwinter). But the plant is in Oakland. Kind of a long drive...

After first growing the Scotch Bonnets this year, I agree, the flavor is much fuller than Hab's and also not so over-the-top hot.
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Uwajimaya in the International District might have them. They tend to have some of the more esoteric fruits and vegetables.
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telstar thanks for the offer! I could drive that far i'd be there in a heartbeat!

Jamjam thank ye! I'll be keeping a close eye on this post tomorrow evening.

spinifex, i checked uwajimaya in both Bellevue and the international district, with no luck whatsoever.

Does anyone have an online source? I really don't mind paying an arm, leg, first born son AND my two front teeth for shipping!
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jamjam is right- it's not the season for peppers, generally speaking. They like warm soil, so you'll have a much easier time finding them after May.
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