Finding out how to speak the original text of Rumi poems
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Rumi poems online -- with both the original text and the English translation -- that would tell me how to speak his original texts? I would need either English transliterations (spelling in western alphabet of his original texts, with some way to know which syllable to accent) or an audio file of someone speaking them. Does this exist?
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Here are bilingual texts (transliterated, with vocabulary underneath), but no audio, I'm afraid. Try reading them with more or less equal stress on each syllable and getting a sense of the general rhythm of the lines; word stress in Persian is generally on the final syllable, but there are exceptions.
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Not a website, not particularly comprehensive, and somewhat random, but this Yahoo! group is open to all and will email you a verse or two every weekday, often with multiple translations and usually with transliterated Persian at the end.
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