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Need White Trash Accouterments in San Francisco tomorrow! Where in SF can I get a Mullet wig and other white trash necessities? What else do I need?

I've got a Greek ChristmasHannahKwanzika party tomorrow with a white elephant gift exchange, I've gotten my hands on a framed Gran Fury car emblem and I need to embellish the gift a bit. I'm thinking of this with a 6 pack of PBR and a mullet wig. So I'm asking for a place to get the wig and any other good ideas for additional accessories.
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Try Mission Thrift. It's much more than a traditional thrift store and definitely targets the costume crowd. They have bunch of wigs - but I can't remember if I've seen mullet wigs there or not. But they'd be my first stop.
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Try to pick up a (hopefully used, pre-yellowed) muscle shirt if you're doing the thrift store thing.
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Get a John Deere baseball cap while you're at it.
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Costumes on Haight
735 Haight Street
San Francisco, CA, 94117
(415) 621-1356
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hmm, Pall malls, wife-beater shirt, hamburger helper - think cousin eddie from Natl Lampoon 's Vacation
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If you can't find a mullet wig, you can give a regular wig a haircut to achieve that heavily sought-after short up top, long in the back look.
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Camo. Lots of camo.
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Zubaz pants were always the accessory of choice in the white trash area where I grew up. Still are, actually.
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"Wrasslin'" tickets. Tin of chewing tobacco. A "Hungry Man" frozen meal. Fishing lure earrings.
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