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Get this coax signal into my computer.

I've got an Atari C240 that I want to use in conjunction with some visuals I'm doing on a powerbook. The Atari outputs coax. Ideally, I'm looking for a piece of hardware that will convert coax to DV (say) so the computer recognizes it as a camera. Would something like this do that? Are there other options I've missed? I'd prefer that there weren't any software conversions going on because the video processing that will be happening already is pretty processor intensive. I'm also trying to avoid having to purchase a video mixer, even though that is exactly what I'm trying to do. I'm trying to do any mixing digitally and live using Arkaos, most likely. I know that Arkaos can use a webcam or a DV cam as live input, I'm just wanting to use some older hardware instead. I'm also trying to route the signal through as few potentially screwy pieces of hardware as possible. Thanks for your advice.
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The Haupauge device should let you record the Atari signals to a file which you could then do whatever you want with.
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I dont think the hardware you want exists (if it does, its going to be expensive).

The simplest and cheapest would to buy a USB TV tuner. If your software won't take the direct signal, just record it then pipe it into your program.
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I just bought this which shows up as a DV camera. Of course, if your output is an RF television signal, you'll have to run it through an interim device such as an old VCR first. (so much for the avoiding screwy hardware part, I guess)

You may be able to open up the Atari and find the pre-rf convertor video signal, and run that straight into the A-D converter unit.
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The Haupauge device should do the trick, they alternatively have a larger usb product that takes other video inputs but the one you linked will fit fine for the intended purpose.

Speaking of that obscure gadget, I'm surprised no one has made an emulated version of it yet...
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