scsi pci raid server died, urgent data recovery?
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Got a 2000 server with PCI SCSI RAID card (Mirror) and the mobo seems to have died. I just want to recover the data and host it on another machine. How do I do that?

I've installed the PCI card in another computer running XP, and in Disk Mgmt I saw "Import Foreign Disk" which I did, and now I see both volumes. Then I click on Reactivate Disk, but it does not change anything. The volume reads Failed (Active).

Any ideas? Super time-sensitive!
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The PCI card might have drivers and utilities you can download which will allow you to properly read the data in XP.
Make sure your XP machine is also using NTFS so it can read the drives.
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Runtime Software has utilities for RAID data rescue.

Their DriveImage XML is an excellent product as well, a poor man's Acronis TrueImage.
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You'll need to figure out the manufacturer of the adapter and the model (maybe watch close as the machine POSTs for the info) and then look up a manual online. The manual will document the proper procedure. When in doubt contact the manufacturer. Most adapters will require you to reactivate the disk(s) through the adapter BIOS - afterwards it should show up as just another disk under Windows.
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Response by poster: thanks for the tips, all, will try that stuff out.
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