Monsoon amp replacement
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Can I replace the subwoofer/amp for my trusty old Monsoon external speakers?

I have a Monsoon MM-1000 external speaker system for my Mac, like the one in this eBay listing. The amp died and I'd like to replace it but keep the speakers. All of the subwoofer/amps I've seen online show complicated hookups for home theater systems. All I need is something that can take input from the 1/8" headphone/digital jack on my Mac and let me hook up the speakers. Does anyone know of something that would work?
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I'm not entirely sure from the specs, but it looks like there are two separate amps in that system, one for the satellites and one for the woofer. There woofer amp is 25w, so thats not too hard to find. I'd probably just buy a small amp and disassemble it, or buy a kit and assemble that. Both should have a line level or headphone jack input.

A preassembled 25w amp would be for something like portable speakers for an ipod, so it would probably be very simple to just extract the board and mount it in the sub enclosure.
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