Low-carb tortillas in Washington DC?
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Where can I buy low-carb tortillas in Washington, DC? Pretty simple, just looking for Mission brand low-carb tortillas, in a DC grocery store. I have looked in Safeway & Giant, in Adams Morgan and Columbia Heights, but no luck. Anyone know?

I would even mail-order them if it came to it, though I don't know from where... there is just no other food with the same levels of fiber and deliciousness (lots of fiber, acceptable deliciousness). There are a couple other brands out there, but I have never liked them nearly as much, and they tend to be more expensive as well... I've been missing them ever since I moved here a few months ago, and then I remembered the magic of the hive mind!
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Did you try the Safeway on Columbia Road in Adams Morgan? I feel like I saw these there last Sunday.
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Chances are they all probably carry them, but the vendors seem to like to put them in totally obscure places. My local store has them on one end of the frozen food aisle (huh?). I've also seen them in other stores by the deli (more reasonable), in the produce section (I don't get that one), and by the premade pizza crusts. I've never seen them in the bread/tortilla section, I have no idea why.
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Mmm but now that I'm thinking about the low carb ones I looked at, I'm not sure they were Mission. Still, they have an enormous selection of tortillas. What about the grocery stores or bodegas on Mount Pleasant street?
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Whole Foods around 15th and P would be a good bet, though I can't be sure. I'll check it out for you at lunch time
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Seconding Whole Foods...or possibly Trader Joe's
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I'm going to the grocery store this weekend ... I'll check in my neck of the woods.
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Best answer: Try Safeway online... They've got 'em!


Mission Carb Balance Soft Taco Tortilla

Or, make a trip out my way... I saw low-carb Mission tortillas just last Saturday at the Giant on Rt. 1 in Laurel, MD.
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Oh, Safeway delivers to DC, too... bonus!
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Also, you can always ask the store manager to start stocking them for you.
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Response by poster: I haven't been able to find them in the Safeway on Columbia Road, though they do have a few other brands that I have tried and not liked so much. I will definitely try the Logan Circle Whole Foods, as well as the bodegas on Mt. Pleasant St.

Thanks all!
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If you're willing to drive a bit, you should try Whoa...That's Lo in Rockville. Their entire inventory is low-carb.
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they have them at the Safeway at 17th and Corcoran but it's not known as the "Soviet Safeway" for nothing, they're always out
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could also try Social Safeway on Wisconsin Ave. tortillas are usually at the end of an aisle, not near the other bread and such.
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The Soviet Safeway is the bane of my existence, though it's just TOO CLOSE to not go to. Just checked at Whole Foods and they do have them!
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Best answer: Err, they are $3.67 (or something) at Whole Foods... looks like about 50 cents more than safeway
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I hear you on the Soviet Safeway. FWIW noon to mid afternoon is better if you're ever in the neighborhood then, everyone shows up after work at 6-7 pm to buy all the food. sometimes I go in looking for 5 or 6 particular things and maybe they have 1 still in stock. low carb tortillas must be popular though, even the big Safeway on Wisconsin runs out.
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I know you said that you wanted to buy Mission brand tortillas, but I've found Mama Lupe tortillas to taste much better and you can order them online from netrition.com.
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Response by poster: I think Safeways in DC generally have poor inventory management. The store on Columbia Road almost never has any diet cola in stock, and I go there quite frequently. I don't really know how that kind of decision-making happens with chain retailers, but it seems like if you have a product that is consistently sold out then you would, you know, buy some more.

Luckily low-carb tortillas last just about forever, so I can stock up the next time I see them at Whole Foods, and problem solved! Seriously, I am always so amazed how the MeFi can deliver such awesome answers to any question. Or at least any that I come up with...
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harris teeter in ballston has em.

but seriously, youre not really saving that much carb-wise. i think the difference between the high-carb and low-carb versions is like 7g
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Sounds like you can find them around the area. But, just a question: why not whole grain tortillas. If your search for low carb is because you're trying to diet, it's the simple carbs that are bad. Whole grain (real whole grain, not partial as many of the labeled "whole wheat" can be) is good and filling.
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Response by poster: Personally I like the low-carb tortillas because of their high fiber content, not their low carb content. I usually find it hard to fit enough fiber into my daily diet, but with a bowl of frosted mini wheats, a tortilla at lunch, and veggies at dinner, I am pretty happy.
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