vegan cold weather shoes?
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What kind of shoes should I buy for my short trip to the New England? I don't buy animal products.

I have some free plane tickets that are expiring this month. The wife decided we are using them for a trip to Boston. We live in California. I have no idea what kind of shoes to wear. I only own vans slip-ons. She wants me to get rain boots, but I'm pretty sure I'll look like a huge dork. I have no idea what people in cold climates use for shoes. I'm trying not to spend a lot of money because I'll probably never wear them again.
No leather plz
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I wear sneakers in Boston almost every day. Even in the snow.
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Are you doing a lot of walking? I'm assuming so. What's more important around here in the winter aren't shoes to keep your feet dry, it's shoes with good soles that will help keep you from slipping on ice. Even sneakers (that's tennis shoes to you) work, if they have good soles. If you're going to walk around Boston, be sure to get something comfortable, because our sidewalks aren't that great and in places we have cobblestones. This site has footwear as a link, might be worth checking out.
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Oddly enough Vans has a whole section of non-slip-on vegan shoes on their website. I live in the Midwest and have no problem wearing lace-up Vans in light snow and ice during the winter.
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You can search Zappo's for vegetarian shoes for men. I'm in Boston right now and it's about thirty degrees and pretty dry. If you're sticking to the sidewalks and not going hiking you would probably be okay with anything that has a decent sole/tread on them [and might even be able to get away with Vans with socks] but you'll probably want something with a little more upper. I'd suggest something like these shoes, you're really not going to need winter boots unless you're planning on mucking around in a lot of snow just wear good sport socks in decent non-cotton fabrics and change them out often if your feet get sweaty and/or wet.
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I live in Boston and I just happen to be wearing Vans slip-ons right now and wear them everywhere and don't have any problems.
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I don't wear different shoes in the winter as compared to the summer. It's not that cold in Boston that your feet are in any danger, assuming you're not wearing sandals. (Unless you're going to be tromping through a foot of snow.)
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Rain boots are way overkill - I spend most of the winter in (mostly) cordura hikers - good traction, covers the ankles if there's much snow to muck about it, and good for lots of walking. Just as important as the shoes would be some good socks i think. That's going to help keep your toes warm. Nothing crazy, just something thick. I have several pairs of thick cotton 'hiking' socks that were something like a buck a pair at the discount store, and love them...
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Keep in mind that the New Englanders answering here might have a bit higher cold tolerance than you do. I'd focus on moderately warm (too warm and your feet will sweat, gross) and moderately waterproof. So, unless you're okay with cold and potentially wet feet cotton is defintely out. Duck boots are warm and will last if you plan on making more cold/slimy weather trips. Have fun!
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I would consider getting some warm socks and worry less about the shoes. Is there a vegan alternative to wool socks? Wear that with whatever shoes you would normally wear in rainy weather and I think you'll be fine.

The 7-day forecast for the area says more snow is on the way, but the temperature is going to fluctuate a lot so don't be surprised if it's very wet out from snow melt.
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I live in the midwest and in wet weather I wear hiking boots. This site has "vegan walking boots" that look very similar to what I wear.
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oh, and ditto on the socks. Good socks are much more important than shoes for warmth. I'm pretty sure I've seen synthetic wool-substitute hiking socks in camping stores.
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I just remembered the vegan part of your question, so my bad, the shoes I linked are not vegan. But if you can find the same set up of having a waterproof bottom part of the shoe with vegan materials, it would keep you nice and dry just as well.
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