Best forums/groups/resources for windows administrators?
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Best forums/groups/resources for windows administrators?

I'm starting to do a lot more windows admin stuff and am looking for some really good forums where I can search for and ask questions about everything from group policy to software deployment. I found the technet forums to be ghost towns. Although, the newsgroups seem pretty active. Where are some of the best communities for this kind of thing? Thanks in advance.
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Unfortunately it isn't free, but I get my moneys worth at

I've found answers to alot of exchange, active directory, etc problems there.
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I know it's not quite what you asked, but I always found ridiculously awesome.
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Petri IT Knowledgebase: forums

Windows IT Pro: forums

MyITForum: Forums

Not a forum but potentially useful: The "Non-Admin" Weblog

I've got a lot more in my bookmarks backup. When I get a few minutes I'll see if there are any worth posting.
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slight derail - meta87: is experts-exchange really good enough to pay for? I've searched their site using Google (because the google cached results actually let you see the answers) and sometimes something decent comes up, but I see an awful lot of unanswered queries on there. Just curious.
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Experts Exchange doesn't require payment or registration. Just scroll all the way to the bottom of a page, past all the many ads, and the answers are there.
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Usenet (microsoft.*) and IRC (efnet #windowsnt).
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A couple others I use from time to time.

Microsoft Software Forum Network

Tek-Tips Forums
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I've seen a lot of threads from EE that matched exactly what I was looking for and never knew I could still see the results. Thanks for the tip!
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