How do I keep the "Popularity" Column Always Active in ITMS?
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How do I keep the "Popularity" Column Always Active in ITMS? I like to check out all the new music every week and for efficiency start with the "popular" songs for that album. Each time I go to a new album in the music store I have to reselect that column. Is there any way to have it always selected?
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The exact tool would depend on what computer and operating system you're using. If it's Windows, and if you're not afraid of muddling around with actual HTML a bit, you can create a rule using Proxomitron which is specific to that site which manipulates the HTML code for the page as it's being loaded to change that field from default "unchecked" to default "checked".

I did something similar to the Google language translation page. I changed the default langauge choice from Spanish to Japanese, which is what I nearly always want.

Proxomitron is very powerful and very useful, but not the most straightforward tool to understand.
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Response by poster: I'm using OS X. My HTML skills are 0

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Uh.... the iTMS is not a web page. Steven, what are you talking about?

LC, I have the same problem, and haven't found a solution. It looks like iMixes keep their sort field but albums never do during browsing. This might be intentional -- it could confuse people about the natural album order if they've forgotten they've sorted it that way. It does bother me, too.
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