Don't Tase Me, Hasbro
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In light of the recent Mattel/Hasbro suit against Facebook's Scrabulous application, what witty sayings can I spell out in Scrabble tiles to voice my perturbation with the suit?

So far I've got (using blank tiles for punctuation/etc). Credit will be given to MeFi username and posted blog-ward =P I may reword it slightly to account for a dearth of necessary tiles, although I've got multiple sets. Using obscure OSD-kosher words nets you a triple word score.

Hasbro? Has Broke
Just be happy with the free advertising Hasbro
Imagine a PR nightmare of "pulling a Hasbro"
Don't tase me, Hasbro
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This is slightly modified from a Scrabble themed coffee mug my dad owns:
It's your word against mine, Hasbro
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Trademark Infringement.
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L1 I1 T1 I1 G2 I1 O1 U1 S 1 B3 A1 S1 T1 A1 R1 D2 S1
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Mod note: a few comments removed, this is NOT a question about Hasbro's copyright or enforcement of it.
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Response by poster: bonus points for subscript ;D (and thanks, jess)..

A few others (preferably no swearing):
Mattel Hasbroke my Scrabulous
Are you sure the RIAA method is the best idea?
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Response by poster: Also accepting Scrabble-board game versions =D

_ _ _ A
_ _ _ C
_ S U Q
_ _ _ U
_ _ _ I T
_ _ _ T
_ H A S B R O

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My (Admitedly less snarky) version is here
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