Help me unbrick my friend's PSP
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Bricked my friend's PSP while trying to get it updated to firmware 3.80 M33. Help me get it back to working order.

After successfully getting my unlocked PSP updated to firmware 3.80 M33 via Dark Alex's custom firmware, I tried to update my friend's unlocked PSP to the new firmware, and it failed on me. Now, when I turn the unit on, the power LED glows green, but the screen remains dim. It's bricked, seemingly - I've tried the recovery mode accessed by holding down the R trigger button while cold-booting the system, but nothing ever appears on screen.

What's the best way to unbrick this unit? Do I need to sacrifice a battery to the Pandora's Battery unbrick method, or is there an easier method that won't need a spare battery? Both units are "classic," non-slim models.
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Best answer: The simplest and best way is certainly the Pandora's battery method. It works and bricking is always going to be a risk you take when you hack your PSP. Don't leave home without it.
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Response by poster: Sure enough, Pandora's battery is the solution. This tutorial lays it all out and gives you a link to a 190MB .rar file with everything you need and an easy installer. Easy process, and I effortlessly unbricked my buddy's PSP in no time.

Something I did not know about Pandora's battery: it's easily reversible, so I didn't even have to sacrifice my battery in the process.
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