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I want to get a new domain name that is cool but also sensible enough to go on CV's. However my imaginative skills aren't too great so I thought about using an expired domains list. However I am having difficulty finding a useful one [more inside...]

Although I already own one domain, it's pretty boring, inherited and not something that is particulary cool. Since I'm not very imaginative, I thought about perusing the expired domains list yet a search on Google either wants me to part with money or register. So I tried one which didn't look too dodgy, DirectNIC, and although their filtering isn't too bad, I get a useless list of rubbish domains such as "" which i obviously don't want. Does anyone have any suggestions on tools I can use to find out expired domains that might be good to buy? My criteria is

1. Ideally a .com although i'll consider a .org, .net or
2. Can't be too long (say less than 15 characters?)
3. Doesn't contain any numbers, dashes or words that could be a number (so I don't have to spell the email address out to someone on the phone) and shouldn't have more than three of the same characters in a row (to avoid the example quoted above)
4. My own. I want full ownership so I can point it at a machine, set up email aliases, virtual hosts and all the usual stuff without having some company "manage" it on my behalf.
5. I don't want to pay a special premium for it just because it's expired.
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You could garner some inspiration through splorp's Available Domain Name of the Week. Can't say they're all work-sensible, but they get the imagination in the right gear.
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My first question before seeking alternatives would be, do you already own your name as a domain name? I would personally use on CVs, and consider an ancillary domain for all your blogging/photos/junk.
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I second hijinx's advice. Since the price of registering .com domains is down to about US$8 you might as well register your name if you can. I'm have my gmail addy as my CV/professional email and use a variant of my first name in social situations. And for my birdherding side business, I use the birdherder account. My host allows me an insane number of domains to be hosted so I might as well get my money's worth.

I've been trying to come up with clever words that end in .us or other country TLD like or but every one I think of has already been taken.
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or *ahem*
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