Decent Adult club in San Francisco?
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Last minute bachelor party in San Francisco. Anyone know of a decent adult club?

My male friend is getting married (he's straight). A bachelor party wasn't planned, but at the last minute he decided he wanted to do the cliched strip club routine. We're going to travel to and make a night of it in San Francisco. No one knows much about the city, much less a decent strip club.

Can anyone point us to a decent club? One the serves alcohol (so not fully naked) and doesn't try and force you to buy 100 dollar drinks? Just a place where we can get a table, drink a little bit, and be entertained.

Any suggestions? Thanks.
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Head to North Beach. The Hustler Club is fun, fairly nice, full bar. And the Lusty Lady is a local favorite--the girls are unionized, it's very San Francisco, but more of a peep show and not your Vegas-style strip club.

Anyway, North Beach is a great neighborhood to eat, drink, and be merry amongst the boobies.
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^nd the above, as I got dragooned into the H.C. back in October. The women working there seemed happy (and nearly all of them were rather hot) and the ambience was decidedly not low-rent. Kinda goofy hard-sales tactics repeatedly employed with the 2-1 specials etc, but with a large party the experience was a net positive.
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I wouldn't suggest The Lusty Lady for a bachelor party since all the viewing is done in private booths. I don't think a bachelor party would be much fun if all of you are in individual booths and there's no drinking there. That said, though, it is awesome and might be worth just a quick stop to throw some dollars in the machines.
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Just head to Broadway and Columbus. There are quite a few strip clubs along the strip, it feels decidedly city and it's got other stuff around it (dinner, good bars, etc.). Girls and doormen will try to entice you in with fliers.

The other strip clubs in the city are either a lot more hardcore or in places less conducive to having a good time.
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Gold Club? It south of Market near the Moscone center, close to BART.
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I think we also ended up at the Condor Club on my one night of strip clubs. It was early in the evening so it wasn't all the crowded and the entertainment was okay but not amazing. There was a whole party of guys clearly on a bachelor party night in front of us and they seemed to be enjoying themselves. Since I was there as part of a couple, I'm sure we had a different experience than most might but I thought the staff was all really nice to us and didn't shove drinks on us the whole time we were there. It was all pretty low-key. Plus the Condor Club is the home of topless dancing!
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Also, see my recent similar question.
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Some friends of mine tell me that the Gold Club is the place they make the most money when dancing, and it seems to be the most expensive strip joint in the city. There are some great restaurants nearby as well- you're between downtown and the Mission.
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