Can I make an Ikea product
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I need plans to make my own ikea inspired furniture, do these even exist ?

I don't live anywhere near an Ikea and I want to build my versions of their stuff and I need plans to work from. I've googled this several times with very little results. Please Help, I would like to start building very soon.
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You get the catalog drawings or photos, online, with dimensions, and then you make your own drawings of the basic dimensions. We did this in 9th grade shop. You can do it. It won't be difficult. There is a wee bit of the very most basic mechanical drawing and the multiplication of ratios (one inch in the catalog equals 1.3 feet or whatever).
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here are all the ikea manuals. you can download the pdfs and see each part and how each part fits together.
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Best answer: actually the site I listed above you have to be a member, here is a link to the Ikea Site that has all the instructions.
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This is a pretty awesome credenza / shelf. Free plans, great photos. He has another version too.
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As long as we are on the subject of Ikea, check out the Ikea Hacker Website!
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You wouldn't be the first to attempt this. There's a whole cottage industry doing just that in India. A little google-fu may help you locate details of how they pull it off on the technical end.
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