throwing a wintry party
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What are some cheap & lovely ideas for a winter-themed house-party here in Montreal?

This weekend I'm hosting a party with WINTER as a theme. It's a bit of a daft theme, really, since there's already so much winter outside. But still: the idea is one of cosiness, shelter, taking warmth among friends. We've invited people to bring wintry and reassuring things, food & drink, scarves and sweaters - and fresh-baked cookies, mulled wine and hot cider are already definitely on the agenda.

But what else? What are some inexpensive ideas that will add just that extra spark of neato to the thing? Decorations (I can't seem to find xmas lights anywhere anymore)? Snacks? Little party secrets? All suggestions welcome!
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Make ice candles. (lots of suggestions for how on Google)

Or, much easier, just make indentations in the snow along your front walk / steps and put a tea-light candle in each one. This makes for an attractive entrance for your guests.
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icy jello shots? blue and green colors (I guess the blue would be Blue Raspberry flavor and the green would be lime flavour) served in transparent plastic shot cups.

mini popsicles that you can make with an ice cube tray and flavoured water and/or juice? Frozen grapes (i.e. put green and purple grapes in the freezer the night before).

On preview I realize that you are looking to warm things up... but maybe you can have a freezing cold section and a toasty warm section.

Hot chocolate?
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I'm only commenting to tell you to that I'm boiling with envy. Because you live in Montreal and I don't.
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Get some magnetic fishing pole sets (games), a non-inflatable (hard plastic) kiddie pool - fill with water and the "fish" - leave outside for a bit so it's half frozen through. Bring back inside and have indoor "ice fishing?"

Icicle Christmas lights?
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Evergreen boughs! Look wintry + festive, smell lovely, probably free, and you can put white stuff on them if you want to make them look extra wintry.
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And don't forget to plat The Werewolves, seriously, it's a great game that best enjoyed in a dim light (candles would be great).
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Cut out snowflakes.

Awww, I wanna go to the party! :(
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Fondue. Cheese fondue or chocolate fondue, but it's always struck me as a warmy wintry thing to gather around and dip snacky stuff in a shared hot fondue.

S'mores, roasted chestnuts, and/or popcorn made over a fire (if you have a fireplace).

Boiling maple syrup and drizzing it over snow to make maple snow candy! If you don't want to go outside to do it, you can bring in cookie sheets of clean snow and do it over those.
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Outrageously ugly sweater party. Prizes for ugliest sweater.
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If only I had seen this post a few days ago. That explains all the sweaters!
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