Salvaging my Swatch
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I have several Swatch watches that have all lost a small piece of glass set in the knob used to change the time. Can this be replaced? I've been to several Swatch stores that have told me they can't fix this. What about a jeweler?
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Maybe, but it wouldn't remain "stock" to a collector. What you're talking about is analogous to the box for an action figure (though there are people who collect boxed Swatches all the same). If you just want to use the watch you might as well just glue a BB on it or whatever you think looks good.
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Best answer: I think that a watchmaker (someone who repairs watches) is your best bet. I see that you're in NYC - try calling a Tourneau location near you and ask if they repair Swatches, or if they know of a watchmaker in the city who does.

Watchmakers stockpile all sorts of esoteric watch parts. I bet you'll find one who has the very thing that you need in a drawer somewhere.
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