So small you could trip over it....
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Today's post about Niagara Falls reminded me of a place I'd been as a teenager. Help me find the mini Niagara Falls!

Seriously, somewhere near Vicksburg, Mississippi, is a miniature Niagara Falls in (if I recall correctly) a quonset hut. I was there in the late 80s and they gave tours. I think it's a Army Corps of Engineers thing. The model falls is about 12-18" high.

I've tried and tried over the years but my google-fu fails me.
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Best answer: Waterways Experiment Station (found it on this page)
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There's something here, according to google: "The United States Army Corps of Engineers are constructing a model of the Niagara area, about the size of a football field, at Vicksburg, Mississippi, ..."
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Response by poster: Thanks! Btw, here's an old b&w photo of the mini-me Falls. Wish I could find the polaroid I took ages ago :( It's a pretty cool model.
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