Shoppingfilter: new mum wants a posh leather backpack, is getting a bit neurotic about it
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I used to have nice purses. Now I have a baby. I want a posh, probably leather, backpack to tote around for the next few years.

Previous bag threads have had some good answers, so here goes...

I have a few 'good' purses that I rotated -- mostly Coach -- nothing with logos or fancy designs; just very sturdy high-quality leather, plain and classic. I want the backpack equivalent.

Most nice-looking leather backpacks are wee things, purse-size. I need something large enough for use as a diaper bag. Most large leather backpacks are a little blah-looking, like somebody took a bookbag design and sewed it together with mediocre leather.

My thinking was that nice purse + nice shoes = better-looking jeans and t-shirt. Now that 95% of my wardrobe really is that sloppy, I am a bit neurotic about getting the bag and shoes just so.

I bought this. The idea was fine but the quality is surprisingly lousy; it's going back.

I think this is sweet but I'm not sure I'm ready to blow $450. This is an okay plain design but I don't know what the quality might be like...

It must be mailable to Canada. I have no firm budget in mind. Brand names are fine but I'm not a fan of logos. Please, suggest away!
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Kenneth Cole

eBay Coach
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Have you considered Longchamp? Women's backpacks are in the ladies' bags section.

Mrs. Haddock has one, and it is very nice.
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I really meant to link to all the leather Coach backpacks on eBay, there. There are quite a few!
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Response by poster: I had seen and liked the Longchamps -- too small, though.

eBay would be great if I was not totally fed up with eBay. Too many fakes, and I kept getting being charged a pile for shipping, to have something wrapped in old newspaper and sent for $4. (Yeah, you can complain, but nothing happens.)
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As a 25-year-old, childless, unmarried male, I'm almost embarrased that I know this, but:

Petunia Pickle Bottom.
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I read that wrong at first.

Mulholland Brothers. They have cool backpacks (no-logos). Some are alligator but most of it is leather.
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I have their luggage. It's high quality leather.
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Sometime there are interesting things on Novica. Maybe one of these?
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I'm not sure if you're looking to "tote" baby things as well. But, if so, I second Petunia Pickle Bottom and direct your attention to their Scout line -- I got the Journey Pack for my sister in law and the quality is great. It's rather large but could totally work for non-baby things and just to use as a travel bag. That one was about $130 here in Portland as I recall. Their Rubicon backpack looks pretty swank.
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