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Can green tea be blended? I empty a pack of green tea leaves into my morning smoothie, so my question is.. do the leeaves have to be immersed in hot water for me to absorb the benefits of it? Or do I get the same benefits as long as the leaves are inside my body and being digested? It's much simpler to simply empty a bag into a smoothie rather than wait for water to boil and steep it. I want to know if I'm sacraficing any antioxident absorbtion.
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If you want to just blend the tea, I would recommend powdered Matcha. It doesn't require straining and is used in ice cream and other desserts.
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I'm pretty sure you'll get all the stuff out of the leaves if you blend them, but I'm not sure it's wise to do so. I know that'd upset my stomach something fierce if I did that.
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What if you brew a whole bunch of really concentrated tea, kept it in the fridge, and then poured a bit into your smoothie?
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I would second matcha.
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Matcha is amazing stuff. So flavorful. I'm not sure if it has the same health benefits as tea leaves, though.
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Matcha is the same as premium green tea, just with the stems and veins removed. It should have the same health benefits, just avoid the kind with added sugar.
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Or you can take the extract capsules which are easier and have been shown to be more effective than drinking the tea.
Link to American Journal of Clinical Nutrition paper
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I have read that adding milk to tea decreases it's benefits. I have also read that have cold tea vs. hot decreases the benefits as well. With some quick googling, I found this.
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Going one step further from what bassjump said, what about brewing strong tea, letting it cool, then making that into ice cubes for the smoothie?
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Rishi has Sweet Matcha in 3 flavors! Great in smoothies! Great on ice cream (REALLY great on vanilla bean ice cream). Great in hot milk!
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Since we're dealing with dead leaves, isn't it important to submerge the tea in boiling water to kill all the bacteria?

I've heard bad things about "sun tea" (i.e. iced-style tea left to brew in the sun) and bacteria. I don't know if your smoothie would replicate those problems.
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I've had my fair share of sun tea without any ill-effects. I'm not sure much harmful stuff can grow in dried tea leaves, it's not exactly a very friendly environment for bacteria growth.

I don't see why tea leaves would be harmful to you if you ground them up and ate them... they might just be added fibre, which of course has well-documented, generally positive effects. I say go for it.
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Nothing wrong with eating tea leaves. The amount of antioxidants you'd ingest would be very high. Maybe lots of L-theanine too. I'm guessing it would be better to stick to organic tea though, and best to stay away from tea from China. I'm not that confident about the kind of chemical pesticides they throw at tea plants in China these days.
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You can eat green tea, no problem.
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I'm not that confident about the kind of chemical pesticides they throw at tea plants in China these days.

This is a bit of a cause celebre in Korea these days. Most people in the know avoid Chinese teas like the plague (or Chinese produce of any kind, to be honest). It's not an easy thing to do, unfortunately, and is more expensive.
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