How to best unseal 5000 empty sealed envelopes
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Several years ago, I bought two huge boxes of standard envelopes from Costco, thinking “Isn’t this great? I’ll never run out!” I stuck them in my basement and completely forgot about them. I found them the other day, but now they are all sealed (due, I suppose, to humidity and time). Is there any way I can unseal 5,000+ empty envelopes?
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Now this is a weird one. Steam would do the trick, but for 5,000? Does your health club have a sauna?
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And even if you put them in a sauna, you'd have to open them all so they wouldn't stick again when closed. And the quality of the envelopes wouldn't improve (not to mention the risk of the other pre-glued edges coming loose). All in all, I'd say consider it a lesson learnt and move on.
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Ditto fvw.
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If I were you, I'd forget about the envelopes, and worry about what you're going to do with that 50lb can of tuna and 10 gallon jar of mayonnaise.
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Everybody's invited over for tuna salad sandwiches. (BYO Bread)
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Use them for grocery lists.
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I think you're SOL on this one, I'm afraid. Lesson learned, yadda yadda.

Pockets is right though, you do have a lifetime supply of scrap paper.

Hmm... I can't think of any brilliant uses for 5000 sealed envelopes, but I am sure someone else can.
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1 Set up a 900 number.
2 Print the envelopes with an invitation to join a contest, entered by calling that number.
3 ???
4 Profit
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Well, why do you need to unseal them all now? You could just steam them individually when you want to use them.
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I'd definitely send them to people.
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And that's why I no longer shop at Costco. Bulk purchases too often equals bulk waste.

Anyone need several hundred file folders? I've got several lifetimes supply!
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Anyone need several hundred file folders? I've got several lifetimes supply!

I'm very sure there are a dozen or so small non-profits near you who would love to have them, as file folders are a) necessary and b) somewhat expensive.

Or, give them to goodwill/salvation army, who will, in turn, sell them and use the money to do good things for people.
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