Pinnacle Video Card and Old Pc - Can they work together?
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I'd like to get some Hi-8 videos into to my PC via a Sony Handycam using a video S cable through a Pinnacle DC10 plus card.

The software I have for it is V 1.05. This is a really old 98 version. I don't mind using an old version for the driver - the only thing is to get it to work with Windows XP pro. My PC is a HP Pavillion 6740c which also might require a patch (it did for 98SE). Where can I find the right driver either pinnacle or a generic, that will get those hi8's into my machine for small clip renderings?
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Searching for "Pinnacle DC10 plus windows xp" yields a link to a driver.

I can't say I'm familiar with any of the hardware, but I recently found out 8mm camcorders often offer a Firewire connector, letting you transfer video like a MiniDV camcorder. This is probably a better supported & higher quality route.
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