online program to send photo batches
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Help me send batches of large photos online for free without downloading software

I am currently in rural Peru doing fieldwork with hard to come by slow internet access and I have tons of photos to send relevant to my work. i tried emailing to myself, but this takes forever not only because i have to select each photo in gmail and attach it but also because of the sending time. I looked at but can only send one file at a time... have to go now.... any advise GREATLY appreciated thanks!
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Rar them, or zip them, and use
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What you want may not be possible; depending on how large your photos are (I routinely work with pics that are 10 MB or larger-is that what you mean by large?) a slow internet connection will take forever. What software do you have now? Have you looked at FTP as an option? It may be easiest to burn them to CD (and another for backup) and mail them.
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Picasa will auto resize and email is even integrated with Gmail. Just select the photos, click the email button and walk away. Oh, and it's free.
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zip files, definitely. If you are on a crappy connection, I'd break up your files into smaller group folders, then zip them. Then yousendit, or are a bunch of services to send them.

It's going to take a while. Also if it gets bogged down, you can consider downsizing the photos (in picasa, if not photoshop). And/or saving them as lower quality jpegs (you have a quality slider, the more to the left you go, the lower the res on the pictures).

Good luck!
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If you've got a slow internet connection, what software you use won't make any difference. Burning them to a CD/DVD and mailing them will be the fastest method in that case.
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bizwank is absolutely right. It all goes through the same "pipe", and your pipe is not large.
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I've used for some time now and I've been pleased with it. It's more of an online-storage-with-email-notification service. There's a 100meg filesize limit, but you can do multiple files in one batch (though, I'd say you should zip the batch first, no matter what solution you go with)
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One common workaround for very-slow internet connections and the need to get files home is to go old-school: burn CDs or DVDs and FedEx them home.
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Yousendit works, as does Megaupload. If your files are large, Megaupload allows fils up to 500 MB even without registration.
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one possible solution for backing up photos is to consider the minimum resolution at which they would still be useful to you if everything else was lost... If you are taking 7 megapixel images at a file size of 2-3MB each, you could reduce them to 1600x1200 (2 megpixel) and still be fine for all digital presentations and still have the requisite 300dpi for a 3x5" feature in a publication. The free Windows program Irfanview can handle batch conversions quickly, and something like ImageMagick (usually mentioned in Linux context, but Windows/Mac versions exist) can batch convert your images into PDF format for easy storage and sending (convert *.jpg output.pdf).

I'm sympathetic to the limited internet connection, but remember that your backups are if all else fails (try to keep the originals with you if at all possible)... Having a weekly output of everything to CD/DVD can be very reassuring. Otherwise, upload the "minimal" backups on your slow connection and the better versions of the best photos when you get to a better connection. Good luck.
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