Yoga in Spanish or sign language in the San Francisco area
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Know of any yoga classes in the San Francisco Bay Area that are in Spanish or in sign language?

A friend of mine is hard of hearing. Her native language is Spanish, so that is easier for her to understand. She also knows some sign language.

We have been going to yoga class together, but some of the instructions are actually fairly hard to pick up by sight. By talking to her afterwards, it's clear she's missing about half of what was said.

So, I'd like to find a class in the San Francisco Bay Area that is taught in sign language or in Spanish. Alternatively, maybe we could get by in a small class with a teacher who would really take care that she was understanding.

She's a 60-year-old beginner, so we need something fairly introductory and maybe even healing or meditation-oriented.

I'm sure there must be some non-english-speakers or deaf people in this area that are learning yoga, but I don't know how to find these classes. I've googled to no avail. My yoga-teaching friend even sent a note to a yoga teacher mailing list and didn't get a response. So, any ideas are welcome.

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Perhaps this young lady could help you out, she sounds ideal.
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Apologies for answering your question via google...

Have you asked the folks at the Deaf Counseling, Advocacy and Referral Agency if they know of anything? They've got a meditation workshop for deaf people, which might be helpful. (They look pretty capital-D Deaf, but they specifically say in their mission statement that they work with late-deafened and hard of hearing people. They might at least be worth asking.)
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Response by poster: These suggestions are both great. Thank you very much! I'll let you know what happens.
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