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Seattle Mefis: Anyone know a top-notch swedish style masseur/eusse? Was just in NY and my friend had me meet him for a few hours at the famous Russian steam baths on E. 10th. I booked a massage, explaining that "I have sciatica problem, and woujld like Swedish style, and someone who will be good working on a specific problem". Well, it was FANTASTIC. She kneaded, pounded, pressed out the most painful point where the sciatica is enflamed, then soothed, stretched out my hands, legs, etc. Wow. It was 30 minutes, but the greatest. She was so thorough in only 30. Anyone in Seattle? ... hopefully someone highly professional who might even have a hot shower/steam room in their place of business. (I once had massage in Sea. where the man did have his whole basement level fixed up like that.)

I looked at previous MeFi posts: some people talked about massage in Seattle, but nothing this specific. Thanks all.
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You can usually get good recommendations by calling the local massage schools and asking for them. They'll usually steer you towards their graduates, but you can ask for teachers as well. That's where I'd start anyway.
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I know two superb LMPs in Seattle (one in Ballard, the other in West Seattle) that do extraordinary therapeutic massage. My email is in my profile if you'd like the deets.
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