Tell me Rico, what's this song called?
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In the TV movie The Hunley the doomed Confederate submariners sing a song together. I remember it sounding like an Irish folk-type tune but my Googling has failed to indentify it. Can you find the title and lyrics of this song?

This movie stars Armand Assante and Donald Sutherland and was aired on TBS in 1999.
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Best answer: Would it be "Haul Away, Joe" ?
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Best answer: "Haul Away, Joe" is listed as being on the soundtrack. The only version of that I have is by Leadbelly, so definitely doesn't sound as you describe, but most sea chanties do have that folk Irish tune...
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Response by poster: I haven't been able to find a version of "Haul Away Joe" that sounds like what I remember, but the lyric about Nancy does seem right. I guess that's it.

Maybe i should just get the DVD....
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