Two-speaker TV setup for non-audiophiles?
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We have an LG LCD tv with some not-very-good speakers, and they are starting to sound "blown". Is there some kind of amp-speaker set designed for people who just want decent audio, rather than surround sound?

We do not want 5 speakers. We want two small but pretty-good sounding speakers. What's a good product or approach?
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I have the Bose Cinemate system and I like it a lot.
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I have some old Bose outdoor speakers that I just plugged into the external speaker jacks on a TV and put on top of the entertainment center and they sound much better than the TV's speakers. They also don't need a separate amplifier for my particular TV.
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Simplest thing is to buy a high quality set of computer speakers, e.g. 2 fronts and a tiny subwoofer. That will have an integrated amp and the input is via a 1/8" plug, which you might need to get an adapter to RCA plugs to connect to the TV.
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You'll probably want a 2.1 system - 2 side speakers and a center channel. The center channel carries most of the dialog and "front" action.
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How much do you want to spend?

I got a pair of M-Audio DX-4 speakers (no subwoofer) for around $100. They sound great, better than the giant Logitech 2+1 set I got a couple of years ago. (I think Bose speakers sound like shit, but of course that's only one person's opinion.)
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It's not 2.1, but I love love love my Zvox. I have the 325, but there are smaller models. They match the cable box in size and the virtual surround algorithm they use is awesome. Read the reviews.
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A clarification on grateful's suggestion; 2.1 means 2 speakers and one subwoofer. A 3 speaker + subwoofer would be classified as 3.1, and I can't remember ever seeing a system like that for sale. You only need to worry about a center channel if your TV is putting out 5.1 channel audio though, most likely it's plain old stereo and a normal set of computer speakers would play everything there is to hear.
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i have one of those cheap 'shelf' systems (cd player, radio, etc) by aiwa. it doesn't sound too bad plugged into the headphone jack of my tv. sounds much better than the tiny things that are built in, anyway
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oops forgot to mention, it does have a set of 'video/aux in' RCA jacks on the back.
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Seconding polyglot about the high end computer speakers suggestion. I bought a logitech pair with a small sub and sound is great as well as good looking
that looks great but have a good sound to.
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Response by poster: The ZVOX looks good, though I think I am drawn toward something like the M-Audio speakers: more within my budget. Thanks, this has been very helpful!
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Check the Philips Digital DVD Home Theater System HTS6500. 2.1 pseudo surround sound with upsampling dvd player built in to the amplifier. It can be found for less than $250. It sounds great for TV and music.
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