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I need a carpet cleaner that won't break the bank. What current model do you recommend? (UK models/links only, please)

Are there features that are essential? (ex: Do I need one that uses hot water?)
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What kind of condition is the carpet in? Also, consider just renting a high-quality one if you only need it for one specific job.
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It's a tight-loop beige berber type that is pretty soiled due to our rural setting. We are definitely going to buy one and share it with our outlaws.
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Chuck, there are loads of places that rent carpet cleaners or guys who will come to your house and clean it for 30 quid per room (it turns up virtually brand new btw). I have saw the amount of muck they take out the carpet and it is invariably a better job than doing it yourself so maybe worth considering.

If you do want to buy one, Argos and Woolworths are a good shout (they often have the steam wallpaper removers that also include an attachment for carpets). I think my folks got one from Woolies for 30 quid, it does the job just not so well as the industrial guys who come out and do it.
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Steam-powered is invariably the best type of cleaner as it gets all the muck out without using strong/bleaching detergents.
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Bingo and only 25 quid too.
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I have one I got from Argos. I'm happy with it. It gets the job done, and it's amazing the amount of muck it fetches out. One thing I would say, though, is to go back over the area you've cleaned with just clean water. Leaving soap on the fibres will just make the carpet get dirtier even quicker, and it's amazing what carpet cleaners like that leave behind. I've never used a steamer on a carpet, but I do think that they'd do a better job than a water-using one like the one I link to. Hot water shifts dirt better than cold, and less soap residue is a good thing.
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chuckd, please don't take this as wiseass or snarky, cause I really do mean it as a suggestion for the future, regarding keeping a carpet clean. Adopt a strict habit of taking off your shoes at the door. Use socks and house slippers only in your home. Your floors and carpets will stay so clean that you'll scarcely ever have the problem again! And I guarantee you, in a relatively short time, you'll scratch your head in wonderment as to why you ever wore outside shoes (stepping on god knows what all day long) into your house.
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From this I gather the hoover agility is sold in the UK. I love mine like it is a member of the family. I've rented carpet cleaners before and had it professionally done. The agility works as well, if not better, and is much lighter and easier to maneuver.
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Oh, we're complete NO SHOES IN THE HOUSE people. It's still dirty :-(

I *told* them not to choose a light colour.

Thanks for the feedback, everyone.
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