MacBook hex screws
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What's the proper hex screwdriver to use to remove the four hex screws on the metal sleeve in a (black) MacBook hard drive? 5/64" seems the closest, but it's been a real struggle. 1.5mm is too small and 2mm seems too large.
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Those aren't hex screws; they're torx. You'll need a T-8 size.
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ifixit has great guides, including lists of all required tools, for repairs/replacements on just about any component of Apple products. For example, their MacBook hard drive replacement guide confirms what zsazsa said: you need a T8 Torx screwdriver.
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Are you sure, zsazsa? It's a T-6 on the Pro. I don't know about the MacBook, just checking.
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Here's an online manual (confirming the T-8). I posted about the transplant procedure a while back in AskMe. You can pick up a full set of demagnetized screwdriver bits at RatShack for cheap--it's got everything you would ever need.
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It's definitely a T6. You can get one from Lowes, made by Kobalt but it comes in a kit with lots of other tools. You could also go to your local computer shop ( you know, the place with the $12 ethernet cards and tacky "gamer" style PC cases) and get one for about $8. Good luck!
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Sorry, all. Typed 6, meant 8. Admiral Haddock is right. Sending my resignation to the expert typists club now.
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