Help me see my friends on MSN!
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How can I get MSN Messenger (or Windows Live Messenger, I guess it's called now) to show other peoples' webcams when I'm surfing behind an SSH tunnel proxy?

Ok, so a bit more detail:

I've set up an SSH tunnel to do all my web surfing. I've also set up MSN (Windows Live) messenger to use that SSH tunnel, and it works fine for chatting, but for some reason when I try to view my friends' webcam feeds, it just fails. Any ideas on how to get this working? No, I don't have access to make changes on the SSH server.
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Unfortunately you'll have to do some port forwarding, which means messing with your SSH settings. There's more details about which ports here.
posted by blue_beetle at 11:54 AM on January 15, 2008

Hrmm... dang. I worried that that might be the case. Ahh well. I'll try to get it figured out sooner or later.
posted by antifuse at 8:05 AM on January 16, 2008

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