Help identify cool mystery bike rack?
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Help me identify/locate the manufacturer of a cool hitch-mounted bike rack I saw last summer. I want one. The google goggles, they do nothing.

Saw a really cool bicycle rack at a mountain bike trail parking lot last summer. Wanted it then, want it now, but can't find it.

As stated, the bike rack is a hitch mount (plugs into a square trailer receiver). The rack I saw carried 2 bikes. I suspect there may be other longer models that carry 3 or 4 bikes.

It had a center frame/bar that had a "stretched/flattened Z" profile when viewed from the side; the end that connects to the hitch mount is lower than the bike carrying end.

It carried the bikes in "V" channels that were mounted perpendicular to the center frame. The bikes were secured to the rack by ratcheting straps that locked the wheels down into the V channels. I seem to remember that there were no attachment points or risers for the bike frames and that all the securing was done at the wheels, but that doesn't seem feasible. Perhaps there were folding fork braces that I missed.

The whole rack had a dull silver color that suggested it was made of aluminum alloy.

It had a plate riveted to one of the channels with the manufacturer's name and the web site. It was not one that I had heard of before (Thule/Yakima etc.). I remember thinking that it sounded like a small shop, and that I should write the web site down because I would forget it. I didn't, and I did.
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I don't know which companies you've heard of and which you haven't, but could it be one from Saris? Their racks are beautiful.
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Response by poster: Nope, definitely wasn't Saris, although I agree those are some nice racks.
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It kind of sounds like a Swagman. will take you there.
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Response by poster: Definitely not a swagman, but thanks.
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Here are a few other brand names (that I had never heard of) that I came across in my search, in case you'd like to research them further....maybe one will ring a bell?

Draw-tite, Reese, Rola, Tow Ready, Surco, Rhode Gear, Blue Ox
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Response by poster: Thanks iconomy, none of those names rings the bell but I'll take a look.

I think the real key identifier here is the fact that the rack looked like it was completely aluminum.
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Hmm . . . on re-reading perhaps you're thinking of Draftmaster. (On re-re-reading, maybe not, though.)

Based on the description of "aluminum" maybe it is a Rackster.

Thule and Yakima make something similar but probably not the exact one you saw.
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Response by poster: Raxter is the closest yet, but nope, that not it.

I remember looking at the riveted name plate and thinking "never heard of it, must be a small company or a couple of guys building them in their garage."
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