Music from Spike Lee's 25th Hour v2
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Does anyone know the music that is playing in Spike Lee's 25th Hour in the scene in the nightclub where Philip Seymour Hoffman's character kisses his student in the toilet. It is playing throughout the whole segment where they are talking on the couch, she goes to the toilet, he follows her, goes in, kisses her and then comes out shocked at what he's done. It's fantastic music throughout the whole bit and I'd love to get it.
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It's been a while since I've seen the movie, but I remember the scene. here is a list of songs you'll probably want to track down on amazon/itunes, but it doesn't look like all the titles are available.
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I'm almost positive it's by Cymande. Spike Lee talks about it in the commentary.

I'm Sully75 and I'm a PSH lookalike.

I love that movie.
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It's either Bra or The Message. I think it's the message.
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It's Bra.
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Response by poster: many thanks to you both, i've been looking for that tune (bra) for nearly 5 years and have finally got a hold it :-D
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