Factory Testing of Dishwashers Leaves Water?
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Is it normal to a brand new dishwasher (Kenmore), still in its box, to have water leak? Does Kenmore run some type of factory test that leaves water in the dishwasher before they send it out?

We bought a dishwasher from Sears (Kenmore) a couple of days ago and I just brought it home myself. It fit into the back of our station wagon, but only when turned on its side. After unloading the dishwasher and getting it up some stairs to the kitchen, I noticed a small tear on one of the bottom corners from which there was a steady flow of water coming out.

I called and the lady said that that didn't sound normal. I loaded it back into the car and returned to Sears. Apparently the lady I spoke to was the only person unaware of the fact that it was normal. Multiple sales reps as well as the guys who do the loading/unloading told me it was due to testing at the factory before shipment. All the washers go through it and there's always some water left inside (two cups to be exact).

The problem is that nobody could show me this documented in any form. Is this something posted somewhere? Is there a Kenmore training manual here that states it? Is it in the actual appliance manual? No, no and no.

I did bring the dishwasher back home because I believe them, but am still a little bothered by it. Does anyone here know if what I was told is true? Does Kenmore perform factory testing that leaves water in the dishwashers before delivering them to Sears? If so, how do you know?
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I'm not sure about documented but from watching too much of 'How It's Made' and similar shows, yes, they hook up dishwashers as they go down the line and run a cycle to prove that nothing's leaking...
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You have it home? Hook it up. Run it. Not under the counter, but out on the main floor, with perhaps some newspaper underneath to help highlight any leaks. If it leaks on the second run, then complain. The first one might just be water from the assembly process dripping down.
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I have no idea about Kenmore dishwashers, but I can confirm that Miele dishwashers are tested in the factory, and ship with water inside that can leak out while still in the box.
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Same thing happened with a Frigidaire I bought. Store confirmed above comments.
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same thing happened with a kenmore i bought a few years back. totally normal.

warning: i didnt tighten up the wire nuts enough. i kept smelling a burning plastic smell coming from it, but assumed it was a sippy cup lid that had fallen to the bottom of the machine.

in the end i discovered that the AC connection was not tight enough, and the wires heated up enough to completely melt. if it wasnt for the little steel box the wiring sits in, it might have started a fire.
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I have a Maytag that had water in it when it was delivered. Never had a leak in the 8 years I've had it.
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Yes. All dishwashers are pressure/cycle tested at the factory. Because of this, some residual water is going to be in the system. Sitting upright, this water is going to stay-put. On it's side, though, you very well could incite some leakage.
No problems.
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Response by poster: Thank you all for your responses. I feel better about this issue now.
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Interesting! I have a Kenmore dishwasher sitting in its box in my kitchen right now and was going to say, "Well, my dishwasher doesn't have water in it," but I haven't tilted it or anything. Good to know.
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