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Where can I go in NYC that serves both ice cream AND hard liquor-- as many varieties of both as possible?
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Otto, on 8th Street - Mario Batali's gelato and pizza bar - amazing ice cream in flavors both traditional and inventive served at a long marble bar along with a full liquor list (Springbank, Redbreast, &c.) and excellent bartenders.
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The Chocolate Room in Brooklyn. The ice cream variety might not be like a gelato place, but it's a dessert lounge with a wide variety of beers and wines for dessert pairings, and if you have a hankering for ice cream AND beer you can have their Dark Chocolate Stout Float (made with Brooklyn Brewery Chocolate Stout and their house ice cream), or if you want to keep your dairy and hops separate, they pair their ice cream and chocolate nibs with a chocolate stout, and other ice cream items like sundaes (etc. etc.)

If you wanna get super frou-frou ChickaLicious is another dessert lounge that has a nice selection of alcoholic beverages. Not as many ice creams, but you can check to see if their recent menu has some kind of sorbet/ice cream type offering. It usually does, but the menu changes super often so call to check.
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Oops, the "HARD LIQUOR" part just registered in my head. For some reason my brain just glossed it over as alcohol. Sorry for the semi-answering of the question =(
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Clinton St. Baking Company.
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BLT Burger
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Sadly, NGnerd, one cannot pick up booze at any supermarket or convenience store in New York like you can in California.

hermitosis, you may want to keep your eyes open in the summertime when this event (called, simply enough "liquor and ice cream") may return.
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Almost certainly not what you're looking for, but relevant enough to be mentioned:

Homer's World Famous Maltshop

I haven't been in a couple of years, (since I moved) so I'm not sure what it's become, but they were definitely trying to establish it as a slightly more grown-up place. I know they opened a separate bar next door, but it's essentially a restaurant with all of the kids' food you could possibly imagine (pigs in a blanket, tater tots, etc.), plenty you'd never think of (deep-fried fluffernutters!) and of course, ice cream.

And they also serve beer, pretty cheaply for NYC. Not positive about liquor, but the bar advertises tequila sunrises, so it would seem that they do.

Again, probably not what you're looking for, but DEFINITELY worth checking out.
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